EFSA presents Spring/ Summer 2021 trends

EFSA presents Spring/ Summer 2021 trends

Amsterdam, August 2020 - EFSA, the European Floral and Lifestyle Product Suppliers Association announces the publication of the colour and style trends for the season Spring/ Summer 2021. The four themes are presented in a completely new format and design. 

EFSA has developed the former trend magazine into a 6-page colour and style trend folder for each theme. The themes for Spring / Summer 2021 are presented with characteristic photography, detailed keywords, colour ranges and floral inspiration:

  • Core Country is a traditional, charming and rustic theme for those who are attracted to naturality and have an affection for the simple things. The colour range is a seasonal fruit flirt playing with of mauves and pinks inspired by luscious wild blackberries, blood peaches and plums framed by fresh greens. 
  • Tropical Tour is an homage to a modern “Latino" style atmosphere, with a striking pool, exotic plants and the hint of a jungle. The colour range is a harmonious jungle pallet with a base of woody brown and vegetal green accented with a lush pink, sunny yellow, an azure blue. 
  • Sunny Soul is a mood for those who seek the vacation spirit of a cabin-house in a cove by the sea. A bohemian “hippie chic” romanticism with references to 50s-60s inspired furniture and accessories. Soft caramel and beige base tones give way to sun-bleached green, orange, light yellow and wine-red. 
  • The late summer theme Wild Wise has an exotic home spirit of a sophisticated, self-sustaining cabin. A retreat for recharging the batteries in the wilderness. For those who like to travel and are interested in contemporary arts & crafts. The colour range is inspired by black-tarred and teak wood serving as a base for a contrasting spectrum of jade, marine and purple. 

The EFSA Trend folders Spring / Summer 2021 can be requested as digital version via www.efsa.com.

EFSA SS 21 Core Country     EFSA SS 21 Sunny Soul    EFSA SS 21 Tropical Tour    EFSA SS 21 Wild Wise