EFSA, the European floral and lifestyle suppliers association, provides a forum and voice to advance the global competitiveness of the floral, gardening and lifestyle industry. EFSA's mission is to share future trends and market knowledge to provide extra value for the members and their partners in the garden industry. The focus of the EFSA activities is on trends, retail development and sustainability. 

EFSA unites members from various European countries and has been founded in 1995.


EFSA launches inspiring activities throughout the year giving members access to business critical information that can be used througout the whole organisation.


EFSA members receive upcoming colour and style trends very far ahead of time, more than a year and a half. The trend forecasts are presented by EFSA’s internationally renowned trend partner at the bi-annual Designer Meetings.


EFSA’s bi-annual General Member Meetings are stimulating and intensify the communication among the members. Topics on the agenda enable knowledge transfer, discussions and the development of new ideas for the market.


EFSA publishes four trend cards showcasing upcoming seasonal themes with detailed colours ranges, keywords and floral inspiration. Each theme is presented in detail on 6 pages featuring the latest EFSA member collections.


EFSA engages leading experts and opinion leaders to give lectures about trends and other critical topics as part of the annual meetings. Members learn about trends, consumer attitudes, effective online marketing or store and product innovation.


EFSA organises annual inspiration trips to the most exciting and dynamic European cities to explore the market and new retail concepts. The program contains store visits, management introductions as well as cultural and social highlights.

Due to circumstances in context with COVID-19, EFSA currently does not organise group trips. We will update you about any occurring activities.


EFSA organises a joint representation at key trade shows such as spoga+gafa and IPM. Members are offered various benefits, from dedicated EFSA lounging and catering areas to joint activities such as the Concept Store.